Paws of Dixie Animal Rescue


Adoption Policy

To adopt a pet we require you to fill out an application. After doing so, we will verify your home address and talk with your current vet. Our goal is to get our beloved pets into a home that is loving and where the pet becomes part of the family unit.

We also require you to sign an agreement that, if you decide for any reason you do not wish to have the pet any longer, then the pet must be returned to us.

We hold the right to refuse adoption if we feel the pet and family are not a good match.

Please understand we do not wish to upset anyone, but the family and pet must be happy. Therefore the pet must be able to interact with the family and it's activities. Also, the family must be able to care for the pets physical and mental needs.

We may require references as well as home visits. We put a lot of love into our precious pets and we know you will be just as caring and concerned as we are for the well being of our pets.

Thank you for your understanding.


Paws of Dixie is a non-profit animal rescue based out of Alabama. Our mission is to save unwanted, abandoned, and neglected animals and place them into loving, forever homes; as well as educate the community on the significance of spaying and neutering.

Contact Us

P.O. Box 1189 Tuscaloosa, AL 35406